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September to Remember

September is considered the first month of autumn and is marked with many military celebrations, birthdays, and one of our favorite national holidays - Labor Day weekend! See who made the list below for September!

Labor Day - 1st Monday in September
The nations oldest city is founded in St. Augustine, Florida - 1565
California is admitted to the union becoming the 31st star on our flag - September 9th, 1850
National Grandparent's Day - September 10th
National Day of Service and Remembrance - September 11th
Battle of Fort Henry - September 13-14th, 1814
POW-MIA Recognition Day - September 15th
Air Forces (USAF) Birthday - September 18, 1947
Constitution Day - September 17th
International Peace Day - September 21st
Autumn -September 23-Dec. 21st)

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