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Deluxe Internal Roped Poles

Internal Halyard, Ground Set, Tapered Cone Aluminum Flagpoles

These deluxe Internal halyard flagpoles contain a self-locking and maintenance free "M" winch mounted inside the flagpole shaft, operable only with a removable crank handle. A stainless steel cable unwinds from the winch that passes up through the inside of the poles shaft. A counterweight attaches to the retaining ring, which allows the halyard to be lowered effortlessly.

Picture of a Deluxe Internal Halyard Flagpole

Direct drive winch mounted inside flagpole shaft, operates with removable crank handle
Self-locking winch eliminates the need for a separate brake
Rapid raising and lowering of the flag with little effort
Concealed halyard
3/8 in. Stainless Steel ball bearing revolving truck
1/16 in. Diameter stainless steel cable
Shock spring & safely cable with 40ft. thru 80ft. poles
Beaded retaining ring
Neoprene coating counterweight,
(7 lbs. 20ft. thru 35ft. & 14 lbs. 40ft. thru 80ft.)
Spun aluminum flash collar
Galvanized steel foundation sleeve
Optional - ball ornament
Optional - Shoe base mount
Optional - Tilting shoe base mount
Optional - Counter-Balanced titling flagpole
Optional - 6 standard finishes

*Custom Finishes - In addition to the 6 standard finishes, alternate custom finishes are available.

Contact us for a prompt estimate on custom finishes.


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