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July to Remember

We love celebrating July, our favorite month of the year! It's like Christmas in the flag industry because let's face it, who doesn't like Red, White & Blue or need a flag during the July 4th festivities? With summer in full effect July is celebrated with many birthdays, important American battle dates, holidays, and fun times alike! We listed them below just for you.

The Battle of Gettysburg - July 1???3, 1863
Idaho is admitted to the union becoming the 43rd star on our flag - July 3rd 1890
Independence Day - July 4th
1776 first public reading of the Declaration of Independence - July 8th
Wyoming joins the union becoming the 44th star on our flag - July 10, 1890
Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the moon - July 20th 1969
New York is admitted to the union becoming the 11th star on our flag - July 26th, 1788
Korean War Veterans' Day - July 27th


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