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I was wondering if you had the following made of sturdy material as was in WWII for the following : 252 FIELD COAST ARTILLERY BATTERY A AND THE BANNER FOR THEIR SECTION ALSO BATTERY A.
I am looking for your distributor in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Do you have an address and/or phone number?
I placed an order on 7/14/15 and its status is "entered" can you please let me know when order #651593 will ship
For your 4" x 6" Flags of the Confederacy Set which is $(12.50), how much is the shipping price for this item to Canada. Please reply. Thanks. Jim Nobes
Do you or can you get 9/11 flags from the various sites?
I continue to be upset by the incorrect story surrounding "The Star Spangled Banner". He did not write it as a song, it was a poem written onboard the ship he was on at the request of fellow patriots to advocate the freedom of a doctor that had been taken prisoner. They had to stand and watch the cannons fire upon the fort, because they had been privy to the information of the attack. His father later was instrumental in setting it to music, and it was even later that it became known as "The Star Spangled Banner". He wrote a poem, that other men took and encouraged our leaders to use it as the song of our country, because America had no song representing our country. You will find the 'moving story' on the Wikipedia website. I write this because there is a great and heartwarming, but sad history lesson for our children in the complete story. Not just that he wrote the song. It was born from an emotional poem, written by a man, watching his country be attacked and survive. The flag itself was a fantastic story; the man who ordered it, the woman and people who made it, and of course the story of why he was onboard the enemy ship to save the life of the doctor. The father who saw that the poem could be set to music, and the men that followed, who believed our country needed to be represented by our own song.

I hope that a sentence, or a paragraph, could be written to encourage people to research the 4 story high flag that covered this fort he was looking at, that was so instrumental in his poem.
Dear US Flag Supply,
I just want to comment about your American Flag. I purchased two 4 x 6 flags from you April 15, 2013 and put the first one up on 4/20/2013 (I date the flags so I know how long they last). I have gone through several different companies and the most I get out of a flag is maybe 6 months before it is torn up (I live in Indianapolis, In.).
Although it did start to fade after about a year, I just now put up the second flag!!! That is 2 years, almost 1 month before it was torn too much to display anymore.
Your flags are of course a little more expensive, but I would have had to buy at least 4 flags in the same amount of time. I would recommend your flags to anyone that deals with high winds.
Thanks for making a good quality product that is of course Made in the U.S.A! You have a customer for life.

Do you or can you supply a Vietnam Veteran Feather Flag. I had one, it was nylon, but would not withstand the weather. Would like to find a heavy duty flag that will last for yrs. I have a US flag that flew over the White House.
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