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Hurricane Series Internal Rope

Hurricane Series Flagpoles
Internal Halyard, Ground Set, Cone Tapered Aluminum Flagpoles

Increased wall thickness and larger bottom diameters makes these poles the best choice for high wind locations.

Standard Accessories
20ft. thru 35ft. plus 40ft. & 50ft. Flagpoles
Self-locking "M" winch system with removable crank handle
1/16" Diameter stainless steel aircraft cable
3/8" Stainless steel ball bearing
Concealed halyard revolving truck
7 lbs. Neoprene coated counterweight
(40ft. & 50ft. 14 lbs. Neoprene coated counterweight)
(40ft. & 50ft. Shock spring & safety cable)
Beaded retainer ring
Swivel flag snap hooks
Cast aluminum flash collar
Galvanized steel foundation sleeve
Optional - Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
Optional - Double truck system
Optional - 6 Standard finishes

*Custom Finishes - In addition to the 6 standard finishes, alternate custom finishes are available.

Contact us for a prompt estimate on custom finishes.


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