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Fiberglass Flagpole Trucks

Molded fiberglass with a nylon pulley stationary truck designed to be used on flagpoles that have a female fitting installed.

Aluminum Rope Pulley
Save 35%
$57.78 $37.39
Pulley Diameter: 2-1/2in. Diameter 7/8in. Width Aluminum, 3-3/4in. Diameter 3/4in. Width Aluminum
Nylon Rope Pulley
Save 23%
$6.91 $5.33
Pulley Diameter: 1-1/2in. Diameter 1/2in. Width Nylon, 1-1/2in. Diameter 3/4in. Width Nylon, 1-1/2in. Diameter 9/16in. Width Nylon , 1-15/16in. Diameter 9/16in. Width Nylon, 1in. Diameter 3/8in. Width Nylon, 2in. Diameter 1/2in. Width Nylon


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