Days to Dressing a Ship

Days for Dressing the Ship and Flag Flying Holiday

1st Monday in Sept
January 1 New Year's Day
January 20 Inauguration Day (every fourth year)
3rd Monday in Jan Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday
3rd Monday in Feb President's Day (Full-Dress)
(Variable) Easter Sunday
April 6 Army Day
2nd Sunday in May Mothers Day
3rd Saturday in May Armed Forces Day
May 22 National Maritime Day
Last Monday in May Memorial Day
June 14 Flag Day
July 4 Independence Day (Full-Dress)
Labor Day
September 17 Constitution Day
3rd Friday in Sept National POW-MIA Day
2nd Monday in Oct Columbus Day
October 13 Navy Birthday (Full-Dress when ordered)
October 27 Navy Day
November 10 Marine Corps Birthday (Marine Corps only)
November 11 Veterans Day
4th Thursday in Nov Thanksgiving Day
December 25 Christmas Day

In addition to the days listed above, ships and installations fly holiday size flags on Sundays and on the anniversary of the admission to the Union of the state in which they are located, or on foreign holidays when in foreign waters or on foreign territory.

*If the President is aboard, his flag remains at the mainmast in lieu of the national ensign. If any other personal flag or pennant would ordinarily be flying at the mainmast, it is shifted to the foremast in lieu of the ensign that would be hoisted there or, if there is no foremast, to the starboard yardarm.