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3ft. x 5ft. Stars & Bars Flag Nylon

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This 3 x 5 ft. Stars and Bars flag is printed on heavyweight SolarGuard nylon finished with two rows of stitching on top and bottom and four rows on the fly end and a strong canvas header with brass grommets. Made in the U.S.A.

The Stars and Bars flag, now called the Confederate first national pattern, was selected by the Confederate government in March 1861.

Stars and Bars

The Stars and Bars was the original flag of the Confederacy, adopted by the provisional congress (Provisional Congress of the Confederate States), and was used from March 1861 until May 1863. It retains the basic design and colors as the Union flag the only difference was the number of stars and stripes or "bars". One star for each of the seven states to have seceded before the attack on Fort Sumter and Lincoln's response which led to fighting. The flags similarity to the Stars and Stripes caused confusion on the battlefield and some felt that it was to similar to the Union flag. It was replaced by the Confederate Battle flag, first in the army and eventually throughout the Confederacy.