Beaded Retainer Rings

White Beads, Silver Beads, #313 Bronze Beads, Black Beads
Beaded Retainer Ring White Beaded Retainer Ring Silver Beaded Retainer Ring #313 Bronze Beaded Retainer Ring Black
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Retainer rings available in 4 colors, are made with nylon beads of either 1 in. or combination of 1 in. & 2 in. diameter nylon balls strung onto 1/8 in. stainless steel aircraft cable with a stainless steel thimble attached to each end with two copper crimps. Generally used with internal halyard flagpoles by providing a means of keeping the bottom of the flag close to the pole and as an aid to raise and lower the flag. Retainer rings can also be used on large multi-grommet flags on both external and internal halyard flagpoles as a means to keep the flags close to the pole and reduce the strain on the upper and lower grommets of the flag. Complete with stainless steel quick links. Standard stock colors are white, silver, bronze #131 and black. Please specify color when ordering. The length of each retainer ring is determined by measuring from the outside tip of each thimble (the quick link is not included in the measurement).