Revolving Cap Style Cast Aluminum Truck RTC-2 Series

Silver Finish # 313 Bronze Finish White Finish Black Finish
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These cap Style revolving external halyard flagpole trucks are made of cast aluminum construction with a 1-15/16 in. outside diameter cast pulley on a 1/4 in. stainless steel axle. The bottom portion of the truck is designed to fit over the top of the flagpole and is secured with three stainless steel set screws. The top is designed to accept an ornament with a standard spindle threading of 1/2 in, but it can be supplied with other threading sizes. The ornament is secured to the truck with a 1/4 in. stainless steel set screw. For ease of rotation, product life and strength, these trucks utilize self-lubrication ball bearing assemblies, maximum halyard diameter is 5/16 in.

All bronze colored accessories are supplied in a dark bronze #313 shade. If medium bronze #312, light bronze #311 or a custom color is desired, please call for pricing.

Eder Flag
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Eder Flag

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