Guidon Flagstaff Set with Chrome Fittings

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Guidon flagstaff set comes complete with silver metal Army spear, chrome plated brass screw joint and chrome plated bottom ferrule. Poles are 1-1/4 in. diameter 2-piece sectional, light ash natural oak wood finish. The 7 ft. & 8 ft. poles have a 7 in. chrome Army spear and the 9 ft. pole has a 8-1/2 in. chrome Army spear.

Over all length once a set is put together,

  • 7 ft. Guidon will be 8 ft. 1 in. when assembled,
  • 8 ft. Guidon will be 8 ft. 10-1/2 in. when assembled,
  • 9 ft. Guidon will be 9 ft. 11-1/2 in. once assembled.