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3ft. x 5ft. Consular Flag Nylon Printed Display Gold Fringe

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This 3 x 5 ft. Consular flag is printed on SolarGuard nylon finished with two rows of stitching on top and bottom, four rows on the fly end, with a side pole sleeve trimmed in gold fringe on three sides. flags are made to US Government Design Specifications. This a made to order flag, ships in 2 weeks, most of the time we have stock.

Consular flags, in accordance with Foreign Affairs Regulations, are to be displayed along with the U.S. flag in the consular's waiting room and in the offices of Consuls General and Consular Chiefs. The flag of the sending state and its consular flag may be flown at the consulate. A consular officer may also place the coat-of-arms or device and fly the flag of the sending state and its consular flag on the vehicles, marine vessels and aircraft which he employs in the exercise of his duties. On suitable occasions these flags may also be flown at the consular officer's residence.