3ft. x 5ft. Taunton Flag with Brass Grommets


This 3 x 5 ft. Taunton flag is made of heavyweight SolarGuard nylon with two rows of stitching on top and bottom, four rows stitching on the fly end finished with a canvas header and brass grommets. Made in the U.S.A.

"Liberty and Union"

The Taunton flag was first flag to represent any dissidence amongst the Colonies, this flag was raised in the town of Taunton, Massachusetts as a symbol of the colonies frustration and unwillingness to be persecuted. The flag was the first in a series that would warn the British that the Colonies were a force to be reckoned with and would not accept any loss of their rights or freedom. The bold words "Liberty and Union" reflect the original sentiment of the Colonists, which was to be treated as equal citizens of the British Empire, "No taxation without representation!" rather then be excluded from it.