3ft. x 5ft. Rhode Island Regiment Flag


This 3 x 5 ft. Rhode Island Regiment flag is Made of 100% heavyweight SolarGuard nylon, with two rows of stitching on Top and Bottom, Four Rows on the Fly End, finished canvas Heading and Brass Grommets. Made in the U.S.A.


A blue canton with 13 stars symbolized national unity with the thirteen Colonies and a blue anchor centered on a white field is a symbol of hope and with the motto "Hope" is also expressed blatantly on the flag corresponded to the uniform of the State troops.

The 1st Rhoda Island Regiment flag was flown by the Rhode Island Regiment a branch of the Continental Army Regiment who fought in the American Revolution War (1775–1783). It became well known as the "Black Regiment" because it enlist slaves and free blacks and became the first African Americans military regiment. The 1st Rhode Island Regiment became the only regiment of the Continental Army to have segregated companies of black soldiers. The original flag may be found in the State House in Providence, Rhoda Island.