Dark Bronze Anodized - Atlas Aluminum Flagpole

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All anodized poles are taking 4 to 8 weeks to go through the anodized process before shipping.

The dark bronze anodized #313 atlas series flagpoles is one of the most popular external halyard commercial grade flagpoles. This flagpole set comes complete with a gold anodized aluminum ball ornament, cast aluminum revolving truck (20 ft. and 25 ft. models include a stationary truck) solid braided polypropylene halyard, swivel snaps with snap covers, cast aluminum cleat with stainless steel mounting screws, spun-aluminum flash collar and a galvanized steel foundation sleeve. All parts and accessories have a matching finish. This pole offers a larger butt diameter for stability and strength and a thicker wall diameter for an external halyard flag poles.

Standard Accessories Included with flagpole:

  • Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament,
  • Cast aluminum revolving truck with a single pulley. (ECSA20 & ECSA25 have a stationary truck as standard hardware)
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard.
  • Cast aluminum cleat with mounting screws.
  • Swivel flag snaps with vinyl covers.
  • Spun aluminum flash collar.
  • Galvanized steel foundation sleeve.
  • Options: All flagpole truck upgrades will be replaced with that poles standard hardware.

    All standard accessories will have matching finishes.