Finding the Best Political Campaign Supplier

by Cynthia ONeal

When it comes to supplies for political rally and conventions, most candidates find themselves in a real bind for a visual presence. Every candidate has to make tough decisions on the best way to spend their campaign budget so always plan ahead. Printed material, like yard signs, palm cards, bumper stickers, lapel pins and slogan buttons become very expensive and take production time to produce.

First, set aside part of your budget for branding, a professional designed campaign message that match the look and feel, with consistent message goes a long way.

Before you decide on a supplier, always shop around. Make a detailed list of the political campaign supplies you are going to need, be specific with your spec and quantities, shop around for price and service. And yes, price is always a big concern so choose carefully.

When doing your research on supplies, the Internet has allowed campaigns to shop for deals on campaign suppliers that offer high-quality and good service. But don't forget to check out your local vendors, you may find that your local suppliers offer competitive prices and with the added benefit of face to face services.

A quick fix to a stage backdrop is always an American flag, balloons and red, white & blue panels.

Veterans Day 2015

by Shipping Station

November 11, Veterans Day is the annual day we honor and celebrate the service of all U.S. military veterans. Celebrations with parades, assemblies, guest speakers sharing their stories will occur all over United States and on American installations worldwide, in places like Guam, the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam, Panama and in camps, posts and stations around the world.

* From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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