​Maine's Flag History

On March 21, 1901 the Maine State Legislature passed "An Act to Establish a State Flag". The flag was to include a Pine Tree centered on a buff colored field. Equidistant from the hoist and upper border of the flag a blue polar star was to be displayed.

Interestingly, on February 23, 1909, the State Legislature adopted a new standard, describing the state flag as a display of the Maine coat of arms on a blue field. This is the flag in use today, more or less.

The Maine State Flag is blue, the same blue color displayed by the flag of the United States. The size of the flag is designated as four feet, four inches by five feet, six inches. In the center of the flag, embroidered in silk, is the Maine State coat of arms.

The Maine State coat of arms displays upon a shield, a pine tree, a moose, land and sea. Flanking the shield, a seaman rests on an anchor and a farmer rests on a scythe. Above the shield the Maine state motto, "Dirigo" (I lead), is displayed in small upper case letters on a banner beneath the North Star. Below the shield, on a blue banner, is the name of the state, "MAINE". The flag is edged with a knotted fringe of yellow silk two and one-half inches wide.

Link here to the Maine State Historical Society for facts, figures and history of Maine.