Threaded Style Cast Aluminum IH-2 Series

Silver Finish # 313 Bronze Finish Black Finish
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These revolving threaded type for internal halyard pole trucks with a Single Pulley are made of cast aluminum and have a 1-1/4 in. threaded spindle which screws into the top of the flagpole where a female fitting as been installed. The top of all trucks are designed to accept an ornament with a spindle threading of 1/2 in. as standard but can be supplied in other sizes of threading. The ornament is secured to the truck with a 1/4 in. stainless steel set screw. The extra large model has stainless steel sealed lubricant bearings assemblies while all other sizes utilize stainless steel ball bearings in both upper and lower bearing races. All sizes are supplied with a stainless steel bushing at the cable exit point except the IHT-3 which has bronze fittings.

All bronze colored accessories are supplied in a dark bronze #313 shade. If medium bronze #312, light bronze #311 or a custom color is desired, please call for pricing.